Iraq Diaries: Ruins, Palaces And Cult Of Saddam Hussein

Executed former Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussain projected his unbridled power like other demagogues through the size, bombast, and grandeur of his palaces meant to constantly remind people of his riches, omnipresence, and permanence

How Broken Polity Contributed To Pakistan’s Economic Crisis

Miftah Ismail, an economist with a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, was perhaps better suited to deal with Pakistan's economic crisis but was replaced by Ishaq Dar, who faced corruption charges and was declared a proclaimed offender after fleeing the country in 2017 

World’s Biggest Islamic Org Seeks Caliphate Alternative

Nahdlatul Ulama cited ISIS’s attempt to create a so-called caliphate in Iraq and Syria and said it will inevitably be disastrous and contrary to the purposes of sharia—the protection of religion, human life, sound reasoning, family, and property

What USSR’s Collapse Has To Do With Politics, Wars Of Putin

Vladimir Putin felt a sense of humiliation over the collapse of the USSR, the country he deeply loved, and for him, it was the 'greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century' By Sameer Arshad Khatlani Vladimir Putin was in the thick of things when the Communist block crumbled with the fall of the Berlin Wall. … Continue reading What USSR’s Collapse Has To Do With Politics, Wars Of Putin