How Broken Polity Contributed To Pakistan’s Economic Crisis

Miftah Ismail, an economist with a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, was perhaps better suited to deal with Pakistan's economic crisis but was replaced by Ishaq Dar, who faced corruption charges and was declared a proclaimed offender after fleeing the country in 2017 

Imran Khan Poses Pakistan Army Hardest Challenge In Decades

Khan has precipitated the worst crisis for the military since last decade when a lawyers’ movement forced Pervez Musharraf out of power and it later failed to detect Osama bin Laden’s presence in Abbottabad, Pakistan’s equivalent of Sandhurst where military officers are trained

Bhutto to Khan, Politicos Falling Afoul Of Army Follows Pattern

Imran Khan’s falling out with the Pakistani military follows a pattern since the 1960s when Ayub Khan handpicked Zulfikar Ali Bhutto as his foreign minister at 35 in 1963 before the young politician revolted against his mentor two years later for failing to capitalize on the gains in the 1965 war and losing it with India at the negotiation table

Boomerang: Regime Change In Iran, Iraq Hurt West’s Interests

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's allegations that the US backed an attempt to oust him in April 2022 put a spotlight on Washington's involvement in regime changes Mohammed Mossadegh has been described as the region’s ‘first liberal leader’ and a rationalist. Picture courtesy By Sameer Arshad Khatlani When former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran … Continue reading Boomerang: Regime Change In Iran, Iraq Hurt West’s Interests