Divine Privileges: How Religion Plays Role In American Support For Israel

Al-Ahli al-Arabi Hospital was attacked ahead of US President Joe Biden's arrival in Tel Aviv to express solidarity with Israel.

Highly religious Americans tended to be much more sympathetic toward Israel, which is seen as a fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies, entitling it to divine privileges other nations may not claim

How Untouchability Fuelled Mission To Revolutionise Sanitation In India

Organisation named Sulabh Shauchalaya (accessible toilet) was formed in 1970 to promote sanitation In India

The experience of being forced to drink a mixture of milk, clarified butter, curd, cow urine, and dung to purify him after touching a so-called 'lower-caste' woman's sari inspired Bindeshwar Pathak's lifelong commitment to improving sanitation in India

Anthony Mascarenhas: Pakistani Who Turned Tide For India

Anthony Mascarenhas: Pakistani Jouro Whose Article Helped India Prepare Ground for Bangladesh Intervention

Pakistani journalist Anthony Mascarenhas wrote an article in 1971 detailing for the first time the scale of suppression in East Pakistan and helped shape the world's opinion in favour of India's intervention and Bangladesh's creation By Sameer Arshad Khatlani In 1970, Bengali nationalist Mujibur Rahman-led Awami League swept Pakistan’s general election in the country’s eastern … Continue reading Anthony Mascarenhas: Pakistani Who Turned Tide For India

From Bell To Paul Bremer: Bitter Fruits Of West’s Adventurism

In 2016, Iraq was reaping the bitter fruits of the adventurism of another westerner Paul Bremer, who fell back upon the colonial divide-and-rule policy to counter a broad-based challenge to the American occupation and prepared the ground for ISIS to tap into resentment over the Sunni purge

How West Spawned Conflict In The Middle East For Favourable Geopolitical Order

An injured Palestinian kid after Israeli airstrikes at al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza on October 9, 2023.

Britain and France secretly hammered out the Sykes-Picot accord in 1916 to arbitrarily redraw borders by marking straight lines with a rude chinagraph pencil and a ruler on the Middle East's map as their shared spoils of the First World War without letting the region's people have a say in it