Pakistani Hindus: Saga Of Struggles And Resilience

Pakistan's discriminatory constitution bars non-Muslim citizens from holding the top two political posts but they have quotas in jobs and legislature and Pakistani Hindus have excelled in different spheres of life

Two To Tango: Breakthrough In India-Pakistan Ties Is Unlikely

Bharatiya Janata Party's projection as the only bulwark against the belligerent neighbour Pakistan and its alleged allies within has paid rich political dividends to India's ruling party, making any breakthrough in hostile ties between the two countries increasingly difficult  

How Broken Polity Contributed To Pakistan’s Economic Crisis

Miftah Ismail, an economist with a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, was perhaps better suited to deal with Pakistan's economic crisis but was replaced by Ishaq Dar, who faced corruption charges and was declared a proclaimed offender after fleeing the country in 2017 

How Association With Corrosive Power Mutated Idea Of Sufism

The idea of 'Sufism', which in its present form has little to do with saints and their teachings, has long mutated with the association of those helming shrines purely by virtue of heredity with corrosive power, patronage, and vanity By Sameer Arshad Khatlani When Mardan Shah, better known as Pir Pagara, died in 2012 in … Continue reading How Association With Corrosive Power Mutated Idea Of Sufism