Chiang Kai-Shek: Nationalist Who Lost China To Mao 

Generalissimo Chiang Kai‐shek's political testament dated March 1975 called on his supporters to fulfill his dream of recapturing mainland China from the Communists and restoring their national culture

Saraswati: Hindu Centrepiece of Muslim Indonesia’s Embassy

The interest that the Saraswati statue on the premises of the Indoneisan embassy in Washington DC generated pushed me to know more about Indonesia, which is home to 12.7 percent of Muslims globally and is governed by five foundational principles including humanitarianism, democracy, and social justice

Medina Charter-Drawn Citizen Model: Marrakesh Declaration

Scholar Abdallah bin Mahfudh ibn Bayyah crafted the legal framework that inspired the declaration connecting early Islamic sources and the Prophet Muhammad's Charter of Medina with international human rights law for a model of equal, contractual citizenship as an Islamic principle

Nahdlatul Ulama: Biggest Islamic Org, Taliban’s Antithesis

Nahdlatul Ulama is the world’s biggest Islamic organisation and an antithesis of forces such as the Taliban

Nahdlatul Ulama, the world’s biggest Islamic organisation, is an antithesis of the Taliban but it is hardly known perhaps because its progressive ideas do not fit into the dominant narrative about Islam particularly when Islamophobia is lucrative and many demagogues globally have tapped into it for political power

Kim Ji Young, Born 1982: Familiar Story Of Lives Women Live

Each chapter of protagonist Kim Ji-young's memory Kim Ji Young, Born 1982, feels sharply familiar Kim Ji Young, Born 1982 is widely acknowledged as one of the most important works from South Korea. By Anwesha Rana Kim Jiyoung's first obstacle at school was the ‘pranks of the boy desk-mate’, which many schoolgirls experienced. The pranks … Continue reading Kim Ji Young, Born 1982: Familiar Story Of Lives Women Live